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Frequenty Asked Questions?

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One straightforward element, trust, is at the heart of our client relationships. We are aware of how crucial building trust is. And it begins by listening more often than it talks. Being good listeners helps us better understand the objectives and issues of our clients, which helps us create debt reduction strategies that are suited to each client's particular needs.

Beyond our signature Debt Relief solution, our clients have access to a wide network of partners including options for consolidation loans, credit counselling services, bankruptcy referrals, and more. Our team of debt relief experts will review your unique situation and offer solutions based on your situation, your location, and your goals.

The foundation of  Debt Relief's defining solution is debt relief. You can instantly reduce your monthly payments to lessen cash flow pressure and concentrate on paying off your debt as quickly and affordably as you can.

Our programme is simple to comprehend. You will deposit a monthly payment into a Dedicated Savings Account in your name and under your management rather than making payments to your creditors. When funds accumulate, we'll get in touch with your creditors to discuss and settle on lower balances. (Since you're no longer paying the creditor, they'll probably think that accepting a smaller payment is preferable than taking the chance of receiving nothing at all.) Afterwards, you'll give us permission to use the money in your Dedicated Savings Account to make the smaller, agreed-upon payments to your creditors. Accounts should be reported back as having a zero balance as they are paid off.

Debt Relief goes way beyond making sure you can afford us – we take the time to review your budget to make sure the solution we suggest will actually help take the pressure off. And, because you can customize your deposit schedule, it’s easier to feel in control throughout the process.

Debt Relief does charge a fee for our service, but all program fees are already included in your Dedicated Savings Account deposit. And, unlike other programs with hardship solutions, our fee is entirely performance-based. We earn nothing for our work until we’ve achieved the results you want, and you feel great about the savings.